Join us!

If you would like to join the MASC Lab as a graduate student, introduce yourself by sending an email to seanmlaurent [at] or slaurent [at] Tell me little about yourself, like why you’d like to join the lab and what your research interests are. I am currently planning on accepting a new student for fall 2023.

Undergraduate research assistants and others: If you’re thinking about joining as an undergraduate research assistant or post-baccalaureate contributor, you should write me at the address above and also let me know a little about yourself: Why would you like to join our team? Why our lab and not another? What might you like to get out of the experience of working in our lab?

For what may seem like obvious reasons, we prefer working with undergraduate students who are at least considering postgraduate training in social psychology (i.e., you’ll probably get the most out of the experience). However, we’re happy to consider anyone who is interested and who is also conscientious, friendly, and reliable.

If you are interested in being a research assistant, contact us to see if we are recruiting new members. You can also get an application here and submit it to me by email (see above). Thank you for your interest in our lab!