About the PI


On this page, for the interested, is a little information about me (Sean Laurent – Morality and Social Cognition Lab PI). There is more information about the research interests of our lab on the research tab, and information about other members of the MASC Lab team on the people tab. You can also see and download publications on the publications tab.

I grew up in Amherst, MA, and graduated in 2004 from the University of Massachusetts with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and the Commonwealth Honors College program. At UMass, I worked for two years as a research assistant in Linda Isbell’s lab and then spent a year after graduation in Paula Pietromonaco’s lab. A fun fact: While I was at UMass, I also founded a Shaolin Kung Fu school in Amherst that lives on today in the next town over, currently run by Jessica Grasmere (a former student of mine), under the guidance of my teacher, Master Lisandro Vega.

In 2005, I moved to Eugene, OR to study social psychology in the Psychology Department at the University of Oregon (go Ducks!), where under the guidance of my adviser, Sara Hodges (now also a Dean in the Graduate School at UO!), my research focused on empathic accuracy and perspective taking. After getting my PhD in 2010, I worked for 3 years as an Assistant Lecturer in the Psychology Department at the University of Wyoming, then spent 3 years back in Eugene working as an Instructor Pro Tem (i.e., adjunct) at UO. In August of 2016, I began a position as an Assistant Professor in the Psychology Department at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, where I remain to this day.